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News: The One Deadly Command That You Should NEVER Run on a Nexus

There are two types of bricks ("brick" as in "bricking your phone")—soft and hard. Soft bricks are recoverable—something has probably gone wrong with some critical system partition, causing a bootloop or inability to boot in some way. Fine. Re-flashing everything should fix that instantly. Hard bricks are not recoverable—if you manage to hard-brick your Nexus, you are in trouble.

Deal Alert: Get $30 Off the New Nexus 7 Now Until Sunday, 7/28

If you just have to have the new Nexus 7 tablet today, you might get lucky if you go to Best Buy or GameStop right now, but if you want to save a little cash instead, the only real deal going on right now for the Nexus 7 tablet seems to be at Staples for $30 off—but only for online or phone orders. Offer expires 7/28/2013. So, instead of paying $229 + tax for the new 16GB model on Google Play, at Best Buy, or somewhere else, you can use the coupon code 41178 to get it for $199 + tax instead. ...

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