How To: Do Your Nexus 7's Speakers Sound Distorted? Fix Them with Bubble Wrap

Do Your Nexus 7's Speakers Sound Distorted? Fix Them with Bubble Wrap

One of the issues most commonly complained about with the Google Nexus 7 is speaker defects. Some people have issues with their tablets freezing when using the built-in speakers, others say they were pretty much busted right out of the box.

Redditor homebrandcola found that his Nexus 7's speakers sounded distorted anytime he had the volume set over 50%. His solution? He cracked it open and covered the speaker assembly with bubble wrap.

The idea came to him because he realized that when he squeezed the tablet near where the speakers are, the distortion stopped. This made him think that the distortion wasn't because the speakers were defective, but because they were moving around in the case.

Seems like his hunch was right. You can see the difference in the video below. The overall loudness will dip a little, but you won't get the distortion anymore.

Several commenters were concerned that the heat from the tablet would melt the bubble wrap, but he says he's been using it for several weeks with no issues.

Talk about a cheap and easy fix! Check out the Reddit thread for more details.

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hey this actually worked nice, thanks a lot :-D

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