How To: No LED Flash on Your Android Device? Use Your Screen as a Flashlight Instead

No LED Flash on Your Android Device? Use Your Screen as a Flashlight Instead

Using my Nexus 7 tablet as a flashlight to light my path on the way to my room late at night is difficult, and honestly, useless. It doesn't have an LED flash for pictures, so using it as a flashlight is essentially just me brightening the display as high as it can go.

If your Android device lacks an LED light or has a broken one, you can still use it as a de facto "flashlight." All you need is a simple app called Screen Flashlight, from the development team over at Zabamobile, which is free on Google Play. The app displays a blank, white screen at full brightness, which simulates the closest thing to a flashlight you'll ever get.

Once Screen Flashlight is installed on your Android, simply tap the "Screen" button in the app to display the bright white screen. Also worth noting is that the brightness on your device needs no adjustment as the app will automatically display at full brightness.

Have any reservations as to how useful or bright the screen can get? Take a look at the video and leave your feedback by commenting below, or hit us up over on Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

PS: If your Android device already has an LED light to use as a flashlight, find out how to activate it using the power button.

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