How To: The Easiest Way to Access Recent Files & Photos on Your Nexus 7

The Easiest Way to Access Recent Files & Photos on Your Nexus 7

If you use your Nexus 7 like me, then you're constantly downloading APKs, installing new games from Google Play, taking a million photos, and using multiple apps at the same time.

While my device can handle all of this with ease, keeping track of all this activity has become a new task of its own. What I need is an easy, intuitive way of showing what recent activity has gone down on my Nexus, without having to manually go through my app drawer, downloads folder, or gallery.

Today, instead of going over just another multitasker for your Nexus, I'll be showing you how to locate recent photos, downloads, installations, and application activity with one simple-to-use app called Recent (File manager assistant), by developer tomitools.

View Recent Activity Through the File Browser

Open the application to view the simple interface with four categories: Recent installations, Recent downloads, Recent Photos, and Recent apps. Click on one to view all recent activity for that category.

From the list view, you can check an entry and select one of the designated actions below, like Open, Uninstall, or Details.

If you select a photo or download, you can also tap Locate and find the exact location on your device and even copy to clipboard.

One-Touch Navigation of Recent Activity on Your Homescreen

Now that you've got the basics down, close the app to see its best feature. On your home screen, you will now have a small icon that looks like a little stick figure. You can tap and hold to move it from one side of the screen to the other, and simply tap it once to open the circular tasker.

Tap on one of the four quadrants of the inner circle to view up to seven recent activity icons. Also, you can slide around the larger, black circle to cycle through categories as well. Actions include:

  • Tapping on a recent download to install the APK
  • Tapping on a recent app to launch it
  • Tapping on a photo to open the app where all your recent photos will be displayed

Some Minor Issues to Note

Not too much to complain about, but one main issue is when using the tasker and viewing recent Photos activity, only one photos shows up. I can tap on it to view all recent, but the tasker only shows one, which is minor.

Additionally, this is an app that would benefit from some added preferences, as it currently doesn't have any. Maybe something along the lines of blacklisting apps, or setting a time restriction on what is dubbed "recent." Nonetheless, the app is fairly new and definitely makes scouring through your Nexus 7 much quicker and easier.

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