How To: The Easiest Way to Find a Halfway Spot Between You & Someone You're Meeting Using Your Nexus 7

The Easiest Way to Find a Halfway Spot Between You & Someone You're Meeting Using Your Nexus 7

Back in college, there were many instances where I'd have to meet up with a partner that I was randomly paired with in order to work on a project or to study for an exam. Besides the awkward interactions, the most difficult part was always figuring out where we would meet off-campus. I live here and they live there, so what's reasonably halfway?

Stop trying to figure it out yourself with Google Maps and try out Meet me Halfway instead, which determines the exact midway point between two points. The app was first introduced on Reddit, and since the dev (Jonathan Nakhla) has been very active in listening to constructive criticism, the app has grown leaps and bounds since its initial release.

Even with the flurry of updates the app has seen, it's still in beta and has certain limitations. For example, you can only input in two locations, and specifying a particular driving route is not an option.

Open the app and you'll notice the basic, yet user-friendly, Google Maps interface. All you need to do is input two locations (exact addresses, city, or state) and hit MEET ME HALFWAY. You can also hit the "pinpoint" icon next to the "Your address" field to select your current position.

After inputting the locations, the app will then proceed to supply points of interests between destinations—cafes, restaurants, bars, libraries, etc. Select a point and choose whether you want to share the location or map it.

By opening up the settings (on the top right), you can quickly make adjustments for Route Options that include avoiding tolls and highways, which can save time and money, depending on the area and time of day.

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If you're not driving, you can change the Travel Mode to either walking or bicycling. If you know what type of place you want to meet at, like a bar or library, then hit Filter Results and check any of the location types that apply.

The application itself is extremely easy to use and takes no time figuring out. If you need a good resource to help meet someone halfway, then this app should make figuring out meeting points much easier. And remember, it's new, so it's only bound to get better.

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