How To: Edit & Filter Your Photos Like a Pro on the Nexus 7 Tablet

Edit & Filter Your Photos Like a Pro on the Nexus 7 Tablet

For those of you who have (or had) and iPhone, one of the cooler photo apps for iOS was VSCO Cam, an extremely popular camera with pro-quality filters and effects. Now this app is available for Android on Google Play for your Nexus 7 tablet and any other devices running Android 4.0 and up.

The app provides ten great filters, with additional filter packs available for purchase, but the main selling point of VSCO Cam is its photo editing capabilities. So, without further adieu, let's take a look at why I've replaced my stock camera app with this one.

Basic Tools & Options

After taking a picture, then selecting it from the gallery, you'll see the menu bar at the bottom of the picture with your basic options. You can Flag, Edit, Export, and Trash.

The exporting is made extremely easy. You can choose to export to a number of social networking sites, email, your gallery, or a chatting application.

Using the Filters

The camera itself doesn't offer any improvements from your stock camera, but using one of the ten included filters will make your pictures look better than any of the pics from your Instagram friends.

Take a picture, then choose it from the VSCO gallery. Select the tool symbol and the filters will pop up.

Tapping the filter twice will enable you to choose the filter's intensity.

Take Advantage & Edit It Yourself

Editing is the prime feature of this application. Going over every feature and option would take the fun out of discovering it for yourself, so I'll highlight some basic ones you'll like.

To bring up the editing tools, just tap the black arrow below the filters, then select the wrench.

You'll then see the extensive editing tools.

From these tools (in order), you can edit the exposure, temperature, contrast, rotation, crop, fade, vignette, and tint. Other tools include vividness, grain, etc.

How Much Do I Like VSCO Cam?

This app was cool enough that I made it my go-to camera app. Most of my friends using iPhones have it, so I was excited when they made it available for Android.

It's easy to edit your pictures, which makes me look like an awesome photographer and makes my friends look good. Enjoy the free filters and enjoy editing your pics yourself.

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