How To: Get Adaptive App Shortcuts on Your Nexus 7's Lock Screen

Get Adaptive App Shortcuts on Your Nexus 7's Lock Screen

There are a gazillion lock screen apps available on Google Play, but the majority of them are subpar and not worth your time. However, in my opinion, there is definitely one out there worth your time—one that constantly learns and adapts to what apps you use when and where to determine which shortcuts to give you.

The app in question is called Cover Lock Screen (whose company, Cover, was just purchased by Twitter). Though still in beta mode, it's accessible to anyone who wants to download it on Google Play. It's extremely convenient, and might just be the fastest way to get the apps you want, when you want them.

How Smart Is It?

It's still in beta, but it's helping me out immensely. The way it works is that it asks you to verify your work location and home location. From there, it takes a few days of learning, but it tailors your lock screen apps based on location and patterns of usage.

Based on where you're at, the lock screen images will change between about five stock images—work, home day/night, car, and out. Don't worry, you can easily add your own.

How Easy Is It?

Extremely easy! There are only a few gestures you need to know about. First, sliding up directly to the right of the apps will cycle through more apps. I'd include a screenshot, but it's almost impossible to capture in action.

Pulling an app to the right will let you peek inside or just open it altogether. Once in the app, sliding down from top to bottom around where your battery icon begins will open a hidden app drawer to easily switch between the most used apps.

Is It Secure?

With Cover's peak feature, you may be worried that strangers can just slide over your email or social networking app to gain easy access. At first glance, it seemed like they could. I searched and found no security options, but it's only because Cover works with your device's current security options, so it's recommended to set your screen to lock after a few minutes, in order to really utilize what Cover can offer.

Set your security, then try to peek into an app. You'll now be asked to input your password, pattern, or whatever you have it set to.

Should You Give It a Try?

Of course you should! It's still in beta, so there are definitely some bugs and room to improve, but it's quickly become one of my favorite lock screen apps on my Nexus 7 tablet. Give it a try and let it make your life easier.

Have your own favorite lock screen app? Share it with us!

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I've been using this app for about 8 weeks or so and I will under no circumstances get rid of it. It's a great app. As soon as it's out of beta, I will be buying it.

It's minimal, yet really convenient.

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