How To: Get the Best Reddit Experience on Your Nexus 7 Tablet (Or Any Other Android Tablet)

Get the Best Reddit Experience on Your Nexus 7 Tablet (Or Any Other Android Tablet)

If you want the latest in breaking news, a heavy dose of humor, and all things kittens, look no further than reddit. But no matter how great the content and community is, reddit has yet to fully catch up to the mobile world.

They currently have no official mobile apps, though, at one point they did have an iOS one, but it's currently no longer available. This means that you have to use third-party apps or reddit's own mobile site.

In particular, Android tablet users who use the mobile site will be disappointed at how poorly it performs. Links are painstaking to press, images open tabs excessively, and reading content is not as easy as one would like.

Fret no more! Today, I'll show you how to get the best reddit experience with a couple of free third-party apps on your Nexus 7 tablet.

Step 1: Fixing Your Reading Woes with Reddit Is Fun

Since reddit isn't optimized for tablets, we'll be installing an app from Google Play to load the content for us—reddit is fun (free) by TalkLittle.

Currently, reddit is fun is the most popular reddit app on Android. No annoying ads (unless you opt in) and constant updates make this an all-around favorite. Useful features like a left-handed mode for south paws and night mode for reading in the dark separate this app from the rest of the third-party ones.

You can see how much better the site displays using the app in the screenshots above (night mode is enabled on the right).

You can vote on content, comment, and make posts just like you would on the desktop site. You don't have to leave the app to do anything on the reddit website. It does it all!

Step 2: Fixing Images and GIFs with Imgur for Android

reddit is fun is a great app for reading, but what if all you want to do is look at submitted images? Luckily, there's a free app just for that, and with a name most redditors are familiar with—Imgur (pronounced im-ij-er).

Imgur is the official Imgur app, and is just what you'd think—loading images from reddit's favorite image host. Just tap on a thumbnail to view the image full size, simple and easy. You can also login to your Imgur account and upload images directly from the app.

That's it! These apps will greatly improve your reddit experience on your Nexus 7 tablet, or any tablet for that matter. Give them both a try, they compliment each other well. Happy redditing!

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