How To: Get Faster Access to Settings for Your Installed Xposed Mods on the Nexus 7

Get Faster Access to Settings for Your Installed Xposed Mods on the Nexus 7

If you're reading this, chances are you're utilizing Xposed Framework to apply unique customizations to your device . We've covered various Xposed mods, like how to how to unlock KitKat's full screen capabilty and make your battery percentage easier to read on the Nexus 7, but today, we're showing you an Xposed module for Xposed.

In order to access the modules on your device, you typically enter the Xposed Installer, go to Modules, then select your mod. Easy enough, right? Well, things just got even easier.

Xposed Preference Injector

Thanks to well-known dev MohammadAG, you can now integrate Xposed mods into the stock Settings app for more cohesiveness with your device and quicker access to your modules. Simply head into Xposed Installer, search for and install Xposed Preference Injector, then activate the module and reboot your device.

Once you're back up, just go into your stock Settings to easily access your modules. Keep in mind, this will only display modules that have their own settings, not modules that simply turn "on" by being activated.

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