How To: Make Your Nexus 7 Shut Up on a Schedule (Plus, Toggle Other Frequently Used Settings)

Make Your Nexus 7 Shut Up on a Schedule (Plus, Toggle Other Frequently Used Settings)

Silence is golden, especially when you're sleeping and about to lock lips with Kate Upton in a dream (or Ryan Gosling, for all you ladies). The last thing you want is your tablet rudely interrupting your passionate kiss with blaring notifications. It's even worse in real-life when you're in an important meeting and you forgot to silence your Android up.

Yes, I know, you're thinking. "I can just toggle my sound off before sleeping, you idiot," but how many times have you forgotten to? If you haven't, then stop reading right now, because you're better than all of the rest of us, but for all of us humans, we could use the extra help.

I'll show you an easy way to set up your Nexus 7 tablet so that it never makes a sound or performs other basic functions for the time frame that you specify. I've shown you how to use your Nexus 7 to help you sleep, now let's see how it can keep you asleep.

Getting Started

The application we'll be using is aptly called Silence by Epsilon Labs, LLC. Just download and install it to do things like toggle off your ringer and notifications, media, alarms, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data with a simple setup.

In the past, we've shown how to hush device alerts and how to schedule Wi-Fi on and off, but this one does it all.

The above version of Silence does have ads (the one we'll be using), but you can get the pro version to get rid of them.

Creating an Event

Open up Silence and add a new event. You can create it from scratch or choose to use an event in your device's calendar.

Creating a new event is a two-step process, with first General, then Toggles, which I'll cover below.

In the General section, name the event, set the time frame, and choose when it repeats.

In the Toggles section, you can set various toggles for each event.

It's pretty intuitive, a rarity these days, so there's not much more to say besides that. Enjoy your new worry-free environments (at least from a tablet standpoint).

Never be interrupted or embarrassed again!

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