How To: Never Miss Important Dates Again with These Countdown Widgets & Apps for Your Nexus 7 Tablet

Never Miss Important Dates Again with These Countdown Widgets & Apps for Your Nexus 7 Tablet

I can't begin to tell you how many times I've forgotten a special day or event. Once, I even showed up to class where everyone was turning in essays while I sat there empty-handed. Important dates sneak up on us. Especially one-time events we just can't wait for, like the release of a new movie when we count down the days, minutes, and hours.

This softModder guide is for all of you over-anticipators with a Nexus 7 tablet, and for all of you forgetful people that continually miss birthdays and anniversaries. I'll be highlighting some widgets and apps that will keep these dates on the forefront of your mind.

3-2-1 Countdown Widget

"Out of sight, out of mind," so keep it in sight with a simple widget that you can place anywhere on your home screen. If you're a minimalist and only need keep track of one specific day, then I would recommend the 3-2-1 Countdown Widget by Mario Ostwald.

The widget is straightforward and truly simple. Just set a date and time and you're done. If you choose to go pro and purchase the paid version, then the alarm, text, background, and picture options will be made available.

What I dislike is that labeling the event is tricky, but if you can tap on the space between the black banner and turquoise line, then you can insert your text. Also, you can only set one countdown for one event.

If you're content with a simple widget that let's you keep track of an upcoming date, like the release date of a movie, then check this out.

Countdown Widget

Want to set more than one widget countdown for various events? For a more eccentric approach, take a look at Countdown Widget by SMSROBOT+LTD.

In addition to setting a date, you can pick from a few free timer styles, share via Twitter or Facebook, and you can also choose from three different widget sizes. Also, the notification feature is included.

CountItDown! App

Widgets aren't your thing? Try out the CountItDown! app by Poplitou.

Create multiple events and keep track of them. This won't keep anything on your home screen, so it will be up to you to open the app and check on them. A notification will also appear when the event has come up, so set the event a little earlier if needed.

Think Ahead

These are just a few tools available for you to help keep track of events. Personally, these would all help me out at one point or another. I used it to countdown the days until PlayStation 4 came out (not that I'd forget that), and for my anniversary with my girlfriend.

Don't let dates creep up on you and catch you by surprise.

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