How To: Shake Your Nexus 7 Tablet for a New Wallpaper Whenever You Want One

Shake Your Nexus 7 Tablet for a New Wallpaper Whenever You Want One

Let's be honest, some days call for a new wallpaper to match your mood. If I'm upset, I could use a nice, uplifting wallpaper to alleviate my low spirits. Even in a day and age where everything is literally at our fingertips, I get too lazy to deal with going in and selecting a new wallpaper, cropping it, and setting it (pathetic, I know).

But who cares? There are plenty of apps out there for my Nexus 7 tablet that will facilitate my slothfulness. Changing my wallpaper isn't just at my fingertips—it's only a shake away.

How to Shake Your Tablet for a New Wallpaper

First thing you want to do is install Shake It Free, by developer Zarruba, from Google Play. After it's installed, open it up and select Live Wallpaper.

Then just set Shake It as your live wallpaper.

You can now enjoy shaking your way through 20 or so different wallpapers, ranging from beautiful landscapes, to exotic cars, to balanced architecture, and more.

Want to Use Your Own Photos with Shake It?

Of course you do! Unfortunately, this is only available on Shake It Pro (currently $1.63), along with the ability to set the shake duration and adjust sensitivity. I'd recommend trying out the free version first before you dive right into buying anything; you may be limited to their twenty stock images, but it's still a nice alternative to your other live wallpapers.

I found this app to be pretty cool, so I hope all of you do, too. Just don't let anyone observe you from behind while you're shaking it, it may look weird.

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Very nifty. Can it also cycle through your wallpapers on a timed basis when not shaken?

Unfortunately, no, but that would be an awesome recommendation/option. "Cycle It" sounds cool.

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