How To: Stop Android Lag in Its Tracks on Your Nexus 7 for a Super Smooth Tablet

Stop Android Lag in Its Tracks on Your Nexus 7 for a Super Smooth Tablet

Lag has been a serious issue on Android devices since the very beginning. Even the Nexus 7's quad-core processor can't stop it from happening. That's because the pauses and long responses are coming straight from the Android OS itself, not the hardware.

In part articles, I've shown a few ways to stop lag on your Nexus 7, including blocking ads and overclocking, but today I'm going to show a better way to kill it—using a custom ROM. This one is called SmoothROM, built by dev Jamesst20, and if you can't tell by the name, it makes your Nexus 7 super smooth and lag-free.

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Smooth ROM is highly customizable on your Nexus 7 tablet. Here are just few of the customization options available:

  • Pick and choose your custom kernel
  • Tablet UI or stock
  • Your choice of browsers
  • Install Google apps

Features of SmoothROM

  • Aroma Installer: lets you chose what you want to install
  • Tablet UI in settings
  • OTA updates using GooManager
  • Ad blocker built-in
  • 720p camera
  • Power menu: reboot bootloader/recovery + screenshot + profile
  • Performance menu
  • Performance improvements
  • Smooth experience
  • Stable

Now, let's get this installed onto our Nexus 7s!

Download SmoothROM

A quick reminder before you begin—you'll need to be rooted with a custom recovery to install SmoothROM. If you need to, head over to my definitive guide to softmodding your Nexus 7 to get started.

Now that you're rooted and have a custom recovery, on your Nexus 7, use this link to download the SmoothROM .zip file.

The current version of SmoothROM is 5.1 for Nexus 7.

Install SmoothROM

SmoothROM is one of the easiest ROMs to install, so don't worry.

Boot into your custom recovery by powering your tablet completely off, then press and hold both the Power + Volume Down buttons at the same time. In your custom recovery, Wipe the current ROM (stock or custom, it doesn't matter), then tap to Install the .zip file for SmoothROM.

Here are my recommendations for the install options:

  • Kernel: I recommend Franco Kernel.
  • Web Browser: I recommend Boat Browser if you use Flash. If not, choose Chrome.
  • Misc and Mods: Leave them checked.

Once you select those, Reboot when it's done!

Using SmoothROM

Here it is installed and running!

At first glance, SmoothROM is exactly the same as any other stock-looking ROM—until you start using it. Menus fly open, the app drawer never seemed so smooth, and there are a plethora of settings to tweak for any would-be SoftModder.

Plenty of past mods are already incorporated in this ROM, such as custom kernels, 720p front-facing camera, ad-blocker, and tablet UI. This ROM has it all!

In my testing, the SmoothROM was as stable as stock, only much smoother and faster. There were plenty of customization options in Settings -> ROM Control, but the defaults were good enough for me.

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All in all, this is one of the best, if not the best ROMs for your Nexus 7.

Give it a try and see if you like it!

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Followed step by step but doesn't get past the spinning logo on reboot. Reflashed the rom several times, no luck.

Did you remember to wipe your original rom and then flash?

Try it in this order, redownload the rom, wipe both the system and dalvik cache, then reflash.

Same issue. Wiped both the system and cache and it won't load past the spinning logo.

Well, after three reinstalls and several restarts it finally loaded. Checking it out now while re-downloading my apps.

This worked great! First custom ROM I've tried and I love it!

Also for the spinning logo prob, I had to flash the cache's and delete the other things my recovery menu allowed

Glad you got it working. Enjoy the rom!

have the spinning logo problem also, followed the instructions about wiping rom then installed the zip file for smoothrom what else do I need to do?

hi is this rom works on nexus 7 3G version?

I can't seem to boot into my custom recovery? Must be doing something wrong. I shut it down hold in the buttons, a image of the android open comes up an then the nexus loads up

I don't think you have a custom recovery installed. Are you sure you're rooted with TWRP or CWM installed?

Thanks for sharing this ROM Danny, its great....
I recommend everyone watching this video before attempting to install it though, just for safes..

The site to download the ROM is down

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