How To: Tired of the Play Store? Use the Amazon Appstore on Your Nexus 7 Instead (& Get Free Daily Apps!)

Tired of the Play Store? Use the Amazon Appstore on Your Nexus 7 Instead (& Get Free Daily Apps!)

In a previous article, I pointed out a few criticisms of the Google Play Store, mostly about how unpolished and inefficient it is. To give you a better idea of what I mean, here are just a few of my complaints with the Play Store:

  • No app review process
  • Any app can be in the store, including the bad and ugly
  • Lack of catering towards Nexus 7 users and Android tablets
  • No way to tell if an app is optimized for tablets
  • No advanced search options

This can't be as good as it gets.

To help make things easier on us Nexus 7 folks, we have the Tablified Market, an app that highlights only the best Android tablet apps available in the Play Store.

Today, I'll be covering another alternative—Amazon Appstore—the third most popular app store behind Apple's and Google's. Why the popularity?

  • Linked directly with your Amazon account
  • Apps are reviewed for quality
  • Made for tablets in mind (originally developed for Amazon's Kindle Fire line of tablets)
  • Interface is by far the best looking Android app store (resembles Apple's App Store)
  • There's a Free App of the Day!
  • Has a Test Drive section for trying out apps before you buy

I'd like to add emphasis to the free app each day. Who doesn't like getting a paid app for nothing? As you can see above, the free app then was PDF to Speech Pro, which normally costs $2.99. The free app for today (5/2) is Jump Desktop (RDP & VNC), which usually goes for $9.99.

Now, let's get this thing of beauty onto our Nexus 7 tablets now!

Download and Install the Amazon AppStore APK

Before you begin, make sure to open up Settings on your Nexus 7, and turn on Unknown Sources under Security.

Next, download and install the Amazon Appstore APK file onto your Nexus 7.

Tap on the APK to install the Amazon Appstore.

Pretty nice, right?

Now let's jump right into the store...

Amazon Appstore Basics

Here's the homescreen for the store. Hey look...there's that FREE APP of the day. If that isn't enough for you to want to install the Appstore, I don't know what is.

You'll immediately notice how clean the interface is. Black looks quite nice in my opinion.

For an example of an app page, let's take a look at one of my favorites, Doodle Jump.

Everything is within a quick flick of your finger. The store has a resemblance to the Apple App Store, so if you've got an iPhone and a Nexus 7, or switched from an iPad to a Nexus 7, you'll surely appreciate this (I certainly like it).

Pros and Cons


  • One of the best, if not the best Android app stores available
  • All black is easy on the eyes
  • Apps are made for tablets in mind
  • Linked in with your Amazon account for easy billing
  • Interface is great to use
  • Free apps!!!!!!!


  • Far less apps available than in the Google Play Store

Give the Amazon Appstore a try and see if it replaces the Play Store on your tablet now! Even if it doesn't, it's good to have as a companion for those freebies.

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It doesn't appear possible to get this app in Canadaa

The Amazon AppStore is region locked in some places.

You have listed a great alternatives to Google Play
Awesome list Thanks

This is a joke right? Like one of those articles written by The Onion? You do realize that Amazon has way fewer apps. I had to hack my wifes kindle to get play store on it because Amazon apps sucked.

I'm only providing an alternative, you don't have to use this app store.

The free apps were good back when it first came out but not anymore. Now they are usually apps that you wouldn't even download for free.

Don't forget the F-Droid App Repository! It's a great alternative too.

  • It's been around since 2010
  • By users for users
  • Non-profit, so they will allow popular apps like AdBlock Plus that Google Plus block
  • Source code for every app must be provided (so it can be inspected for security and privacy issues)
  • Respects your privacy
  • Every application is free & OSS licensed

I found heaps of excellent apps there. Worth checking out.

The worst con I have is that amazon seems to combat paid app piracy by sometimes demanding that you log on to the amazon app store when you launch the paid app.

Sorry, but I don't condone piracy.

I can not install any apps from Amazon appstore on my Nexus 7. Help! I have talked to Amazon tech support and Google support.......all I got was following a techs suggestion from Nexus support that removed every icon I had on my home page. Returned it all to empty space like when it was brand new. Their reply to my OMG was I needed to move everything back and regroup everything I once had organized.

The Amazon app will d/l on here but the 'next' option is a dead link. No install. Can anyone help me? Please. I have apps that won't play now, many

I paid for. Thanks for any suggestions.

You need to check Unknown Sources in Settings.

Did that, very first thing way back when I first tried to d/l, no difference.

Any other suggestions?

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