How To: Turn Your Nexus 7 into a Personal Mixologist to Class Up Your Home Bar

Turn Your Nexus 7 into a Personal Mixologist to Class Up Your Home Bar

You have an abundance (or scarcity) of alcohol, liqueurs, and chasers, but don't know how to combine or mix them together to produce some kind of enjoyable concoction for friends. What do you do? Mix things you think will taste good together? They probably won't. There's rules about clear alcohol vs. dark alcohol and how they pair with juices and sodas, so what's the best way to know what goes well with what?

It's too much to handle for any inexperienced host. Luckily, there's an Android app for your Nexus 7 tablet to alleviate some of the pressure amateur hosts/bartenders feel when having guests over. Don't have any idea what you can make with what you have? This application does—and just in time for your party.

Just download and install Cocktail Flow from Google Play. The most basic and key features are free, though there are ads. There is a tablet version, but if you don't mind not being able to go into landscape mode, then don't bother paying $2.99.

The interface is pretty basic and user-friendly, which is exactly what you need from an app like this. Let's go through the features you need to know.

What Can You Make with Your Supply?

The main feature of this application, Barstock, has the ability to tell you what you can make with what's at hand. Just highlight what alcohol, liqueurs, and mixers you have.

After selecting what you have available, tap the My bar tab and see what drinks you can produce! Select the drink to view the ingredients, preparation, as well as similar drinks. Pretty efficient, right?

Getting Around the Paid Packages

They do offer free packages (shooters and non-alcoholic), but you'll notice paid packages for special events like Valentine's Day or New Year's. The packages include tailored drink menus for certain events. They'll let you view the drinks—but not how to make them or what's in them. The simple way around this is to find out what's in the drink and input it into Barstock.

Don't just be the host or bartender, be the life of the party. Get your friends drunk and let those inhibitions go. Let the revelry begin!

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