Deal Alert: Get $30 Off the New Nexus 7 Now Until Sunday, 7/28

Get $30 Off the New Nexus 7 Now Until Sunday, 7/28

If you just have to have the new Nexus 7 tablet today, you might get lucky if you go to Best Buy or GameStop right now, but if you want to save a little cash instead, the only real deal going on right now for the Nexus 7 tablet seems to be at Staples for $30 off—but only for online or phone orders. Offer expires 7/28/2013.

So, instead of paying $229 + tax for the new 16GB model on Google Play, at Best Buy, or somewhere else, you can use the coupon code 41178 to get it for $199 + tax instead. Or, get the 32GB for $239 + tax instead of $269 + tax.

If there's a few in stock at your local Staples store right now, you might be able to pick it up today that way, but you'll probably have to wait for them to ship it free to your home or local store for pickup. Expected delivery date is around 8/1.

Here's the link where you can find the new 16GB and 32GB models on Staples site. And you can find the coupon on the main tablet page.

$30 off is valid until this Sunday, July 28th.

UPDATE: Looks like this deal went fast, because Staples is now showing that both the 16GB and 32GB models are now currently out of stock. If you didn't get one before they ran out, I'd keep checking back this weekend to see if they get anymore.

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ha, i just used the same sort of coupon to buy the older one a few weeks ago. doesn't matter; i still really enjoy the one i currently have.

you should mention that staples has a rewards program which gives you 5% cash back on your purchases. and free shipping, too.

Thanks for the info on the rewards program. Could also just get free shipping to the store if you're not into rewards.

But, seems it doesn't matter now anyway. Just looked again and it says both 16 and 32 models are currently sold out. Grabbed mine right before that happened, I guess.

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