How To: Capture Action on Your Nexus 7 Using the "Exclusive" Sony Xperia Motion Shot Camera

Capture Action on Your Nexus 7 Using the "Exclusive" Sony Xperia Motion Shot Camera

Sometimes, taking a picture of your friend doing a crazy stunt just doesn't suffice. Getting the progression of the stunt in one image does!

Regular pictures can lack depth sometimes. Not only are they sometimes boring, but capturing someone midair or mid-anything is hard! Basically, capturing motion is tricky unless you have a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 3 with Drama Shot, or a Sony Xperia Z1 with Motion Shot.

Luckily, we can get a little action-capturing capabilities on our Nexus 7 tablet, thanks to XDA member xperiaz2, who ported the Motion Shot app from the Xperia Z1 for all to use. This app is available on Google Play, but only some Sony devices can actually download it.

Getting Sony's Motion Shot on Your Nexus 7

Download and install the latest Motion Shot 1.1.5 APK onto your Nexus 7 tablet. For updated links, make sure to check out xperia2's original thread.

That's it. No, really, you're done, but since I have you here, let's go through the simple options and features. You'll notice that your tablet will be in landscape mode and remain that way while you're using this app—you can't change that, so deal with it.

Taking the Best Shot

Don't take a picture until you set up the camera with the best resolution, which is literally the only settings option, unless you want low-quality pictures.

Also, make sure you know how to take these shots—they're special. Just hold steady, tap to focus, press record, then turn into a statue and refrain from moving an inch.

Once you've taken your shot, let it process, then easily edit how dense the image is with your figure in motion. Use the bright, neon scale to the right of your screen—you can''t miss it.

Also, if you want to add an effect, like fading in or out of the progression, just click the running men icon on the top left. The best feature—which isn't free—is the short video showing your actual shot, leaving all of the image frames behind you. I'd say buy it, but since the Nexus 7 isn't technically supported by Motion Shot, you can't—sorry.

The one thing I can say negatively is that it seems to not work as well as it gets darker, but other than that, it's pretty rad. Enjoy creating some pretty cool shots with friends and family. If you run into to any trouble let me know, or just tell me how much you like it.

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For more Sony fun on your Nexus 7 tablet, check out our guides on getting the Xperia launcher, the Sketch drawing app, and the X4 Video Player.

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Is this strictly for N7 or could i put it on my LG G Pad?

It's actually only for Sony Xperia, but i got it going on my Nexus. Download the APK and use it on yourdevice. Worked for me!

Cool! It was very easy :D I will try it tomorrow morning :D Thank you!

Hey Neil, I recently bought the Sony DSC HX400V and I purchased the motion shot app from Sony's playmemories app store on the camera. The app works. however, it only shoots up to 10 frames (not enough).

Or is there a way to shoot more frames?
Also, I wanna be able to create the action sequence video effect like the one you showed in you video.
Do you know if this Motion Shot App will allow me to do that on this Sony Camera?
If not, do you know of any other app or a way to achieve that effect?
Thanks in advance.

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