How To: Turn Any Nexus 7 Tablet into a Samsung Galaxy Tab Running TouchWiz

Turn Any Nexus 7 Tablet into a Samsung Galaxy Tab Running TouchWiz

Samsung is currently dominating the Android market with their line of Galaxy devices, including the GS3, GS4, Note 2, and Tabs. All of these devices run Samsung's TouchWiz, which is something every softModder should try out eventually. The only thing is that Samsung devices are pretty expensive, and many of you don't actually need (or want) another Android tablet.

Luckily, there is a way for us softModders to experience the look and feel of TouchWiz on our Nexus 7 tablets by just using a simple add-on. You will need to have a custom ROM already installed on your Nexus 7 though.

This mod was actually based of a ported TouchWiz UX Launcher for Jelly Bean that developer froilson created. Developer madphone (the one who made the addon we're using) went and ported it again for our Nexus 7 tablets.

Step 1: Get the Necessaries

You will need to be rooted with a custom recovery installed, so if you're not, check out my guide on rooting the Nexus 7 and installing custom recoveries—and make sure you back up your system, just in case.

ROM Compatibility

You will need to be running a custom ROM for this to hack. Almost any ROM for the Nexus 7 will work, and if you need help picking and installing one, I have guides for both SmoothROM and CyanogenMod 10.1, but again, most other ROMs will work.

Step 2: Flash the TouchWiz Addon

Start by downloading the TouchWiz Jelly Bean Addon (currently version 1.3.3) directly onto your Nexus 7. You can check out the latest updates to this addon over mrmad. Once the .zip file has downloaded, flash it using either TWRP or CWM. I'm using the latter.

  1. Choose Install zip from sdcard
Image via
  1. Find and choose the .zip file
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  1. Flash the add-on
  1. Reboot

TouchWiz Up and Running!

Here are a few screenshots of TouchWiz installed on my Nexus 7 tablet—with all the bells and whistles.

You'll get Samsung icons, sounds (bubble pops), widgets, and also the Samsung wallpapers—and the TouchWiz launcher is the new default launcher, of course.

Opening Folders

Here's how folders open up when you click them. They "flip out" at you.


Here's Samsung's note-taking app, S-Memo, installed with the addon. You can easily take notes with this app. Tap "Create memo" and just type away. Optionally, pick a color for the paper too if traditional memo-pad-yellow isn't your thing.

Paper Artist

Here's Samsung's Paper Artist app, normally found on Galaxy Tabs, now on the Nexus 7. You can use this to filter photos with various effects and draw pictures. It's nothing too serious, just mostly for fun.

Step 3: Fix the Screen Rotation Bug

Rotation is a bit wonky with this addon, but there's an easy fix we can perform. Just download and install the Smart Rotator app from the Google Play Store.

In the Smart Rotator app, do the following.

  1. Select TouchWiz home and set Auto for all.
  2. Select TouchWiz home again and set Portrait.
  3. Exit the app and make sure Rotation is locked (check symbol in notification drawer).

That's it! It's that easy to install TouchWiz on your Nexus 7 tablet. Tell us if it worked for you!

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You don't need a custom rom,I'm running stock,rooted 4.2.2 with TWRP,and installed the file with no problems.

That's true, but I prefer custom roms because of their better performance. Addons like these were made for custom roms in mind.

I'm a noob @ rooting so I don't even attempt.. I'm running stock also 4.2.2. What does TWRP mean?

TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Project, which is a popular Android recovery module. It's basically a tool that allows you to back up the current file system, OS, and to "flash" a custom or even a stock ROM, which of course is a new version of the Android phone Or Tablet's firmware. It's usually the very first thing people do after rooting a device. If you are leery of such moves then it is indeed wise to stay clear of them, but if you want to learn how to safely modify your device, then this is a great site for learning more, along others like XDA Developers and you can learn a tremendous amount if you are willing.

Does it support split screen multitasking? That is the only thing I would like to have touchwiz For.

This is port of only the launcher, the split screen feature cannot be ported over right now.

how do you revert from touchwiz back to stock?

Just restore from a backup or re-flash your rom.

you can always go into SystemRoot/system/app and go finf the TW launcer apk. and delete it then reebot. Voila! No more TW. same thing with the samsung apps. But however, the bubble pops will still be there.

Is there a way to undo this addon or delete it. And also, is it compatible with the newest version of the PAC man ROM?

You would undo the addon by restoring from a backup or reflashing a custom rom. I didn't test it with PAC Man rom, but it's likely to work. Just play it safe and make a backup before flashing the addon. There are an infinite number of roms out in the wild so YMMV.

can i do this with android 4.3?

I'm gonna say this in capitals to make a point......


So can you also do this for a Wacom companion hybrid tablet? (while keeping some of the pre-installed apps). would be nice to experiment with the pro pen on samsung's note taking stuff.

I would stay away from this as it's not specifically made to run on anything other than a Nexus 7.

Messing with root stuff not made for your device could have some really bad consequences.

what i want to know is if i do this will my stuff be there like the pictures, games,apps. If i do this will all of my stuff go away?

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