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I have been trolling WonderHowTo for the past 3 years (actually since I began to root Android and jailbreak iOS smartphones, that is, if you actually consider Apple products to be "smart."). Anyway, I started this forum (and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Forum) because I actually bricked a few devices - which, as you can imagine, really screwed up my day - and wanted a place in which we could share lessons learned (or whatever).

So, without saying I have a bias toward Android devices mainly because of the flexibility the operating system offers - from both the business and technical perspective - but can on occasion throw Apple a bone when they actually do something right.

When not here, I work as a Wage Slave for a small software company in technical sales support (which sucks but it pays the bills). So, hit me up if you have any questions, comments and/or concerns.

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Hola SoftModders.

I design "stuff" for a living. Mainly technology oriented stuff but I also like to reverse engineering security products and weapons on occasion. Looking for a new community to learn from and share with as my understanding of mobile technologies has gotten a little dated.

Okay, sure. I am not much of a forum person. Or a technology person for that matter but I bought a few different Android tablets for my family over Christmas and was trying to improve my experience.

Nice to "meet" you all.

i like others was introduced to droid whike purchaseing my samsung galaxy 2 which led me to the google nexus 7 and between the people here and few other webstes it was wel wort it

I just bought a Nexus 7 (jelly bean operating system) a few weeks ago. I really like it but need help exploring/using it for more than facebook and delphi. <g>

I am a pastor, and I got this nexus 7 as an a gift...basically I used "nexie" that how we are fond of calling the gadget....well shes a companion every time I preach and teach...I also tasked her with some browsing.

Oh by the way... I am Derrick Cachola from Taguig City, Philippines.

Hi, i'm new to forums. My son has an Asus Nexus 7 so I've joioned looking for help. I'm a software engineer so I am quite techy and solve most problems I have mysef, but the issues we are having with my sons device has me well and truly stumped. I came across this forum while searching for answers and thought it would be a good idea to join.

I'm in the uk

Hi, I've been following advice and instructions from the site, and joined because you're awesome!

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