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Hello all,

Sorry for not having a dynamic and current issue. But my issue is that I can't root my N7. I followed the steps from this video below. I'm running 4.4.4 I followed the steps on the video word for word. 1-installed root checker, 2-go to settings/security/ check Unknown sources, 3-Go to, 4-Click the lambda, (here's where things go crazy) after clicking the lambda my N7 browser opens one browser window after another, after another, after another....... I have to disconnect the wifi to stop it.

Any help? I thought I was following the steps pretty good here.

followed directions from the video below.

How to Root Your Nexus 7 in Less Than Two Minutes—Without a Computer « Nexus 7

How to Root Your Nexus 7 in Less Than Two Minutes—Without a Computer « Nexus 7 Rooting your Nexus 7 tablet is now easier than ever. Previous rooting methods required connecting your tablet to a computer and using any one of a number of programs and/or ADB commands. Now, it's as easy as downloading an app on your phone and tapping one button. Who can we thank for this simple root method? George Hotz, better known as Geohot, the infamous hacker known for jailbreaking iOS and being sued by Sony after rooting a PS3. All hyperbole aside, he has literally made rooting easier than ever with Towelroot. You no longer need to deal with a PC or Mac, special rooting programs, or

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Yes, there have been issues with the towelroot site. The best way to grab the app is to use your computer, or, if using Chrome, hit the menu button and choose the "Request Desktop Site" option.

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