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Forum Thread: I have been staying at about that weight.

Elite Max Keto Reviews At first I wanted to lose a little, but when the process started, I decided to continue. I started walking 5-6 km a day, did not eat after six in the evening. Then it seemed a little, and here my mom helped me. She literally took me by the hand to the gym. I took up calanetics and yoga, but soon I wanted more movement, and switched to oriental dances. Fasting after six replaced the right nutrition - and the result was not long in coming. After two years, I weighed 60 kg...

Forum Thread: Diet Pills Watchdog | Ultra Omega Burn Review, Buy or a Scam?

Ultra Omega Burn specially formulated to only act against fat related nutr It ional elements, there are some fatty centered natural v It amins which may not be absorbed by the body program due to restricted enzyme production. These natural v It amins are still essential to any balanced diet strategy, and is always that a daily consumption of natural v It amins is followed in conjunction w It h the Alli tablets. Xenical Orlistat (Xenical) which was accepted by the FDA in April , is the first d...

Forum Thread: How to Enable "Unknown Sources" on Your Nexus 7 for Access to Awesome 3rd-Party Apps

Google's Play Store is packed with some great apps, but since we're the rebellious types looking to fully utilize the capabilities of our Nexus 7s, we're going to need some 3rd-party apps—apps that can't be found in the Play Store. Don't worry, it's not some sketchy way to acquire black-market apps. This function serves conventional purposes, like getting the exclusive Nexus 5 Google Launcher on your Nexus 7. By enabling Unknown sources, we can acquire device-specific apps with ease.

Forum Thread: Fix for Slow Charging Issue

So guys, it's pretty well known the Nexus 7 has a painfully slow charging time. If you're using an aftermarket charger like me, it takes AGES to get the battery to 100%. Has the new 4.2.2 update solved this issue? A custom kernel of any help?

Forum Thread: Screen Lifting Issue

I noticed my tablet screen has been separating from the frame. It clearly isn't flush with the silver edges of the Nexus 7 on one corner. Is this how they are after a period or use or should I contact ASUS for repairs?

Forum Thread: Getting TouchWiz on My Nexus 7

Hey guys, I have my Nexus 7 running stock Android launcher, but I recently got a S3. TouchWiz is great! The icons from Samsung look waaaaay nicer than stock if you ask me. Is there a way I can get Samsung's TouchWiz on my Nexus 7? I don't wanna spend money on a new Galaxy Tab 7 when I already have my Nexus.

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