Forum Thread: How Do Get an Os on My CORRUPTED Nexus

i was doing some developments and i had a backup and now it is ALL gone and i cant get it to work my pc os is: linux mint 16 can any 1 help me?(i am new at this)

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By corrupted you mean completely bricked? Have you tried booting into recovery mode? If you have a custom one, and you can get to it, you might have a possibility. You'll have to purchase an OTG cable, download a custom ROM (e.g CyanogenMod), save it in a pendrive and access the pendrive storage from the recovery mode, using the OTG cable. Flash it and that's it.

The only thing i can think of is if you can gain access to the bios and another computer and a pendrive with more than 2gb memory. install linux ubuntu, mint ect. onto as a bootable usb and just reinstall you OS from bios, hopefully if you cannot gain access to bios if you plug your memory stick its boot will automaticly boot the usb.

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