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Forum Thread: Safe Health 24X7 Official (Tested) Health Store!

Safe Health 24X7 Indeed, we should talk about what we know here. Since, lamentably, we don't approach very as much data as we would perhaps like about this item. Initially, as indicated by the site, Pills contain Beta-Hydroxybutyrate or BHB Ketones. Also, there is at any rate one investigation that shows that beneficial ketones, similar to the ones publicize here, could advance certain advantages in the body. Regardless of whether these exogenous ketones are the key to helping you thin down i...

Forum Thread: Benefits of HRD Surge Male Enhancement

What is HRD Surge Male Enhancement? Improving sexual performance every day is HRD Surge Male Enhancement's number one precedence. It is a product made with natural elements that touches the basics to boom testosterone by using stimulating the body to the manufacturing of this hormone so critical for us men.

Forum Thread: Parmigiano Reggiano

Brief History Of Parmigiano Reggiano Much the same as wine and individuals, Parmigiano Reggiano improves with age. A long time before refrigeration, this hard cheddar was ideal for capacity and shipping over significant distances. Parmigiano Reggiano was a top choice on ocean journeys, yet in addition adored by authorities — and presidents. By the eighteenth century, it discovered its way on Thomas Jefferson's table.

Forum Thread: Parmigiano Reggiano

The Best Preparation OfParmigiano Reggiano Ever notice the words engraved on the skin of the Parmigiano Reggiano wheel? A modified plastic belt containing the Parmigiano Reggiano name (printed again and again), the processing plant's number, and the month and year the cheddar was made is folded over the cheddar for around two days so as to engrave the mark name on the skin.

Forum Thread: Asus Nexus 7 Will Not Start - Tried Everything I Can Think Of

Ok, so here is what happened - Son plugs his Nexus in to charge and all is fine. Goes back an hour later and the device is dead. It will not start. So i press the volume down button along with the power button and it goes into the boot loader menu. all looks fine so i select shut device down. When it shuts down, i restart it. Nothing. it will not start. so i press the volume down and the power button again and a battery icon is displayed for about two seconds. then nothing. try again. battery...

Forum Thread: I Get a Notification

That says "unable to update for past x days" This thing wants to upload the photos and videos I take to "somewhere". I do not want my stuff in the cloud. I think, I was tinkering someplace and said do not upload but obviously some part of this nexus 7 wants to upload.

Forum Thread: Start Here by Introducing Yourself to the Community

I have been trolling WonderHowTo for the past 3 years (actually since I began to root Android and jailbreak iOS smartphones, that is, if you actually consider Apple products to be "smart."). Anyway, I started this forum (and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Forum) because I actually bricked a few devices - which, as you can imagine, really screwed up my day - and wanted a place in which we could share lessons learned (or whatever).

Forum Thread: Trick my Nexus 7 into thinking it's in the USA.

Hello. I am new to the world of modification on any device, but I now have a Nexus 7 and have heard it is very modifiable. The biggest issue I currently have is that I live in The Netherlands but I want my Nexus 7 to think I am in the U.S. I have looked into VPN apps, but honestly find them a bit scary as they seem to get deep into the system. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for how to trick my Nexus 7 into thinking it is in the U.S. without having to go too extreme? Thanks!

Forum Thread: How to Enable "Unknown Sources" on Your Nexus 7 for Access to Awesome 3rd-Party Apps

Google's Play Store is packed with some great apps, but since we're the rebellious types looking to fully utilize the capabilities of our Nexus 7s, we're going to need some 3rd-party apps—apps that can't be found in the Play Store. Don't worry, it's not some sketchy way to acquire black-market apps. This function serves conventional purposes, like getting the exclusive Nexus 5 Google Launcher on your Nexus 7. By enabling Unknown sources, we can acquire device-specific apps with ease.

Forum Thread: Fix for Slow Charging Issue

So guys, it's pretty well known the Nexus 7 has a painfully slow charging time. If you're using an aftermarket charger like me, it takes AGES to get the battery to 100%. Has the new 4.2.2 update solved this issue? A custom kernel of any help?

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