Forum Thread: Hi, Since the Official KitKat Update for Nexus 7 Is Released, I Have a Question.

Right now my nex 7 asked me to update to KitKat android v4.4.

As i tapped update, my device was rebooted to recovery and shows me an "error installing update" message. I should say, that i have a TWRP, custom motley kernel and root access. Is it plausible for me to update my tablet to android 4.4 and will it keep all features i described (i mean kernel and root)?

p.s. Sorry for my English :)

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Is the kernel compatible with 4.4? Otherwise, re-flash the ROM if it is. Don't forget to factory reset and wipe cache and dalvik cache. If the kernel isn't compatible, flash a 4.4 compatible kernel.

I got the kernel from this thread and i don't think, that it's compitable with android 4.4.

Thanks for your help, but I'm probably won't do anything yet and will wait, until 4.4 compitable kernel will be released. I just wanted to test ART a little bit and see it's performance against dalvik.

i have the same problem. what is the solution ?

Ok, right now my nexus 7 on android 4.3 thinks, that it's up to date. It seems, that android is checking your system complexity (is it stock), so system with custom kernel fails this check. I'm afraid, that custom recovery might be an issue too. Anyway, flashing a stock kernel may solve the ploblem. If it will, please reply. If it won't, then it's the recovery problem.

Flash a ROM with a built in kernel or flash a kernel compatible with 4.4. And the kernel you are using that bricked your Nexus happens to be the one i'm using on my Nexus that is on 4.2.2 so no, the kernel isn't compatible. :)

Ok, today I finally got KitKat on my 2012 Nexus 7 Wi-Fi. Maybe this post will help someone in the future, so let me share my experience. If your device's running custom kernel, then flashing a stock one will not necessarily solve your problem. In my case OTA update did not work, because some other files (something about motley kernel power management) were not pass verification. So if flashing stock kernel didn't change a thing, backup all your data and flash completely stock JWR66Y, or KRT16S as you wish.

ok so i just recently got into mod'n my nexus 7, i have kitkat on it andjust put cyanogenmod and goapps on it. now my problem is somethin screwy happened. i get an error message while trying to install the cyanogenmod the message is as follows

E: error in /sdcard/0/download/cm-11-20131207-NIGHTLY-GROUPER.ZIP
installation aborted

now i cant do anything but go into the clockworkmod recovery, i have no idea what to do from here, can anyone lend a fella a hand?

Ok, if you have a Nexus Root Toolkit then you shoul return your tablet to stock without any problems. Btw ther's a thread here somewhere about how to root nexus 7 (i mean the first one, wich runs tegra3). There should be a link on that Root Toolkit. It's simple to use, it has step-by-step instructions everywhere in it's windows, so you won't get confused. I bet you used it already.

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