Forum Thread: Nexus 7 with 3G as a Phone

I am not talking about Skype. How would I configure my Nexus 7 to operate as a phone?

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I've been looking for this too. I find it rather strange that:

  1. Many people on the Web keep saying how this device has all the necessary hardware for voice calls;
  2. The SMS/MMS app has been made available;
  3. Other apps such as Viber and Whatsapp can be brought over from another device using Titanium Backup.

But the phone app can't get installed. I used a process similar to Whatsapp and tried to use Titanium to install the phone dialer from another device but my Nexus 7 (with 3G) says that the app cannot be installed.

Any pointers as to how to go about using my Nexus 7 with an installed SIM card as a real cellular phone (I can use earphone with mic or bluetooth) similar to Galaxy Tab (1st gen) or Galaxy Note?

I'm not talking about using wifi or data over 3G.

nexus 7 3G has no telephony feature, i think it will be impossible to operate as phone.

Groove IP lite, it is an app from the play store, u have to have a Google voice account to link it to but it will work as a phone as long as you are on wi fi, incoming and outgoing and sms, unlimited

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