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So, after about 7 months, my Nexus 7 spontaneously combusted. Okay, it didn't "combust," but I had my Nexus 7 sitting on a shelf for about a week, and when I finally went to pick it up yesterday, the screen was shattered.

Now, it was perfectly fine beforehand, so how does the screen just spontaneously shatter like that? Is this a problem on Nexus 7s, or is this a fluke?

Also, I'm guess that this is not covered by ASUS's 12-month warranty. Has anybody had luck returning it to ASUS to get it fixed for free—in the case of spontaneous shattering? If it's a known defect, they should repair or replace it for free, right?

I'd like to send it back to ASUS, but I know that the warranty states that if it is deemed to be from user abuse or whatever, they will repair the device for a certain price that's more than likely more than the Nexus 7 cost to begin with. Also, if I were to refuse the repair, that there could be a $100 evaluation free regardless. And then there's all the shipping fees I would have to pay.

So, guess I'm just wondering if anybody has had experience in this, and what happened, and what recommendations you may have. I don't have the money for another Nexus 7, but I also don't want to waste money on shipping/evaluation fees or anything.

I know there are some guides on replacing the LCD display, but the price of the display is still $100 or more!


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My screen also randomly cracked, after some research I discovered this is a known problem with the Nexus 7. I crossed my fingers and sent my unit to Asus. Perhaps it was because I had documented my experience thoroughly, but in any rate Asus did the right thing and replaced the screen at no charge. Warning: They did wipe the hard drive so if you have anything on the Nexus you want saved, fully back it up before sending it out.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Mine is still sitting around somewhere, but you made me want to give it a shot and see what happens (and I'll make sure to back it up first).

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