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Hey guys, I have my Nexus 7 running stock Android launcher, but I recently got a S3. TouchWiz is great! The icons from Samsung look waaaaay nicer than stock if you ask me. Is there a way I can get Samsung's TouchWiz on my Nexus 7? I don't wanna spend money on a new Galaxy Tab 7 when I already have my Nexus.

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There are ports of TouchWiz you can find online, but that's just the launcher and not the whole OS.

I thought TouchWiz was bad? Isn't stock the way to go?

It's purely preference. TouchWiz is the nicer looking launcher and many 1st time users find it better than stock.

You can flash a custom rom to get TouchWiz. I know there are at least 2 custom roms that let you have the Samsung look and feel on a Nexus 7.

Heads up! A how-to answering this topic has been posted up here! :-)

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