Forum Thread: 16GB vs. 32GB Nexus 7

I have the 8GB model that was discontinued. Is the 16GB or 32GB one better? Looking to upgrade my storage.

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I would of recommend the 32GB model. You'll never know how much storage you need down the road so it's best to have the higher capacity model. Just know you do pay a bit more, but I say it's worth it. If you store all your music, videos and pictures on your tablet, it'll fill up quickly.

As for the 16GB one, I know it's the most popular one by far now. You can always make due by having your content streamed from the cloud. I know Google Play allows you to upload your MP3s for streaming. Pictures can be uploaded to Google Drive or Picasa for viewing.

I think most people would be okay with 16GBs of space. I know a lot of people may use their tablet frequently but would not store all their media on it. The right capacity depends from person to person.

well i buy 32gb i dont have any problems whit space

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