Forum Thread: Google Android Secret Codes

I have used a few different codes on other devices for hidden menus. Does the Nexus 7 have any secret codes?

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Yes, actually, but it's not a big one in my opinion. When Google released the most recent updates of 4.2, they hid the developer options so that normal users wouldn't inadvertently screw up their devices.

To re-eneable developer mode, simply go to settings and scroll all the way down to the "About tablet" option. This will also work on nexus phones but it will instead be the "About Phone" menu item instead. Tap it to bring up a new menu, which you'll have to scroll down again until you see your device's build number.

Now tap your build number 7 times. After the 3rd tap, you'll get a playful little dialog letting you know you'll have developer options enabled shortly. Once you've tapped it 7 times you have your developer options again.

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