Forum Thread: Installing CM10 from Stock Android?

Anyone have a run down of installing CyanogenMod 10 (CM10) on a Nexus 7? I'm on Stock Android right now. Heard the rom was the most popular too. Simple directions would be okay...

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Isn't it root and then flash the rom with CWM?

I don't think it's that simple. Why use CyanogenMod anyway? Isn't stock good enough?

Stock is good but CM10 is better. Comes with more features and is pre-rooted also. More features and better battery life are just a few reasons to use CM10. If you want a better Android, use CM10. The speed increase is what makes CM10 the go-to Android rom.

Here are some simplified instructions:

  1. unlock bootloader
  2. install ClockworkMod Recovery
  3. wipe your device
  4. flash CM10 and gapps
  5. reboot

Uhhh, I did some searching and i'm already a bit lost. Anyone have a better tutorial / directions???

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