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Last night, I was using a Bluetooth speaker - made by Logitech - with my Nexus 7 but kept loosing connectivity. I went ahead and paired with another speaker from a different manufacturer and kept having the same issue. Is this problem universal to the Nexus 7?

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This should be listed as an Achilles' Heel issue. Basically, Bluetooth is a big problem with all Nexus devices and not just the Nexus 7.

Most of us are patiently waiting for Google to do something about Bluetooth. When using Bluetooth my device streams in an inconsistent fashion with audio being very choppy. I also loose connectivity a lot. As a heads-up, you should be aware that this "bug" also messes with 3rd party Bluetooth apps as well.

I just put this on my "follow-up" list and will let you know if I hear anything else. This is a big, big problem that Google needs to get serious about addressing this ASAP!

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