Jelly Bean: New OS Tricks & Tips

I started this thread to highlight some of the differences you will experience when using your Nexus 7. A lot of us, myself included, were using Gingerbread and Honeycomb prior to Jelly Bean.

There are numerous differences that I wanted to highlight. Feel free to add to the thread and I will make updates when I have free time.

Feature Changes in Jelly Bean (as compared to previous Android Operating Systems):

Notification Changes:

  • Notifications will now expand with a pinch gesture.
  • X below the Notification Panel will clear out your notification
  • You don't close out Notifications with an "X" but by swiping (from left to right)

Stock Changes:

  • Panoramic Camera View
  • Offline Typing
  • New Fonts (and Languages)
  • Running/recent apps dismissed with a swipe left or right
  • Google Now Search Functionality

More to come...

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Great thread to start!

Some additions...

Stock Changes:

  • Video recording now has an effects mode
  • Face Unlock with Blink (nice security feature)
  • Data Usage and Controls added to settings
  • Predictive text improvements (DYAC...)
  • Right click function changed

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