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Yeah, I have encountered a few and I am sure you have as well.

Why don't we keep a running tally here...think of it as your contribution to "The Greater Good" (whatever the hell that means).

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Not really a system bug, per se, but more of a documentation error.

Regardless it was a little annoying to deal with.

The technical documentation for the Android 4.2 API states:

"If your app requests one of the hardware device identifiers (such as the WiFi MAC address, the SERIAL number, or the ANDROID_ID number), they will provide the same value for each user because these identifiers are tied to the hardware and not the user."

NOT TRUE for the Nexus 7, as every user returns a different value when querying for an ANDROID_ID. Yeah, I know, take the technical documentation with a grain of salt but really...

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Android ID, Jelly Bean, & Android 4.2.1 build JOP40D

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