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I was thinking about using a stylus with my Nexus 7. Anyone currently doing this and if so do you have a recommendation?

Thanks in advance!

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I love mine. Mainly because I no longer have finger prints all over my screen. Also, I like to wear gloves so I can still interact with my tablet when using my stylus.

Targus makes a great one that you can find at most major department stores including Target and Walmart. I read that it can reduce carpal tunnel and repetitive injuries so I was thinking of giving it a try just for that reason.

I bought the Truglide stylus. It is made by a company called LYNKtec and has a great doesn't feel cheap...more like a high end pen!

Caseen VIBE L is the best I have seen.
The whole idea is that the stylus has to be conductive.
If it an insulator the stylus eill not wotk at all.
There are, for the most part, three stylus types for capacitive touch screens;
HTC: has a wierd plwstic show/flap attached at an angle.
The sort of work but not very well at all. Must be eorking on HTC phones but not on my Nexus 7.

Rubber Ball: Myriwd models to choose from. All built with the tip made of soft, slightly conductive rubber ball. The ptoblem is, just like windshield wipers, they start smearing rubber on the glass, smearing and chattering. This residue is hard to remove (no, I do n0t have the courage to scrub the screen withbsteel wool).

Metal Mesh: bthrse are similar to the rubber ball tipped stylus but the 5ubber ball is covered w9th an ultra fine cloth made of copper or silver strands. The only drawback? Almost too sensitive.

I bought a pair of the Caseen VIBE L on E-bay for about $7.00 each. Quality is excelent! I have seen fhe very same stylus, or identical/similarunits for up to $34.00 each.

So now you know,


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