Forum Thread: Performance Tweaks?

Does anyone have a list of performance tweaks and tips they can share?

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I'd say that the most important fix for normal use is LagFix Free. This app fixes the trim, which results in better performance. This utility does require root, so it's not something anyone can immediately download and run. According to the developer, this works by "fstrim your NAND/eMMC storage so it will restore the write performance back to normal after having slow down issues on sequential write and random write due to usage over time." One of the reasons I like this tool is because if you get the paid version, you also get the ability to have the tool run automatically on a schedule, keeping your device running great all the time.

/ Greenify is a tool that allows you to preserve performance and battery life by selecting applications that Greenify forces to hibernate.

The next option is also only available after rooting your device, but it does yield higher performance gains: Overclocking. Some utilities will allow you to actually set the min and max of your CPU, as well as the GPU, among other things. One of the more popular utilities is Trickster Mod.

This may result in some loss in stability if you don't know what you are doing, unlike fixing the trim. Personally I find that

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