Forum Thread: Remotely Send Text Messages from Nexus 7

Hey everyone. I recall way back, there was a way to send text messages on my old iPhone using a browser. Not sure what it was called but I knew it was a jailbreak tweak. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyway, I'm wondering if such a tweak or app is available for my Nexus 7?

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I think you mean WifiSMS. Sure was nice to wipe up a message in a browser when I had it. Maybe there's an app for Android on the Play Store. I'll dig around.

Theres DeskSMS, but you have to pay and I'm not a fan of the way it works. I uses an email to text. :-( The app was bleh.

Give the app a try at least. It's not too bad. Unless there's an alternative floating around.

Nice find, I might even give a try. Pretty popular judging from the number of downloads.

DeskSMS seems okay but what do I do after the trial is up?

My recommendation is MightyText. It's free. It's simple to set up. Best of all, it just works. Give it a try.

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