Forum Thread: Screen Flicker Problem

My screen flickers in a very annoying way. I have noticed this typically occurs when I am in low lighting conditions. Is this unique to my device or has anyone else had similar issues?

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Assuming you don't have a defective screen you are not alone in this concern. There are a number of options so why don't you start with the following...

First, adjust your display brightness and try disabling auto-brightness. Of course, your battery may take a hit but it is better than a flickering screen.

Also, a lot of people have disabled their WiFi optimization, which seems to also deal with this problem. To disable this, simply open your Settings screen and select WiFi. After selecting WiFi go ahead and select the menu button titled Advanced. From there, you can tap to uncheck the WiFi optimization feature.

Not surprisingly, as with disabling auto-brightness, disabling WiFi optimization will also screw with your battery life.

Life is just full of unsavory little compromises, isn't it?

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