Forum Thread: Why Root My Nexus 7?

I work with a lot of electronic devices but mainly off the shelf electronics hardware. So excuse my ignorance. Why should I root my tablet?

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The short answer is that all operating systems - Android included - put limitations in place that prevent bad things from happening. In other words your N7 has "rules" that regulate how it can operate.

Your tablet classifies you as a user but when you "root" a phone you bypass the rules put into place and become a superuser. With this you get superuser permissions.

So, once you root your device, as a superuser you can also use supersoftware that is also more powerful than non-rooted (regular) software thus permitting you to do more things with your tablet.

Make sense?

Outside of academic answers, one of the main reasons for rooting your Nexus 7 is to increase the rather limited storage.

Google feels, "we don't need no stinking storage." I beg to differ.

When you root your device you can do really cool things like:

  • Use an ad blocker app (Ha, ha...sorry about your business model Google)
  • Change kernels and improve your batter performance
  • Personalize your device by Flashing custom ROMs

Rooting adds more features to your tablet. Tablets shipped "locked" and thereby limit their feature set. If you root, you open up the potential of your device with cool apps, like AdAway (ad blocking), Titanium Backup (backup apps to not have to redownload them), and tethering.

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