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Forum Thread: Managing Downloads

I just downloaded a few dozen files onto my Nexus. Most of them are PDFs that I need to read over the next few weeks. Is there any way to organize them into folders - kind of like small libraries - that I can access using a shortcut?

Forum Thread: Stopping Mobile Re-Directs

I keep getting sent to mobile sites when I use my Nexus 7. Sometimes, I don't mind the outcome but at other times I want to use the full desktop website. Is there anyway to prevent the re-direct or to let me choose which experience I want to load in my browser?

Forum Thread: Great Wallpaper App

Check out "Image 2 Wallpaper" in the Play Store. It has a great little interface - very intuitive - and great reviews. Basically, you can take any picture you can find and make it fit the real estate provided by your N7.