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I have a nephew heading to college this summer. He is going to be a liberal arts major and plans on writing a lot. Since it is his birthday next month I was debating the merits of buying him a Nexus 7 versus a Chromebook.

Any thoughts?

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Chromebook should be called Crapbook. My roommate bought one and returned it 2 weeks later. Without internet connectivity you might as well be carrying a brick. Very frustrating to use.

I have both. The only advantage Chromebook has over Nexus 7 is the keyboard.

That was easily solved by obtaining a folding Bluetooth keyboard. Lady Teira was quite correct in the Chromebook losing most of its usefulness when not connected to WiFi. I mostly use it at my desk as a browser for my personal connections, leaving my work laptop for work alone.

The Nexus 7 fits in my coat pocket and gets pulled out whenever I need to make notes, mostly using Evernote. It seems to me for academic usage, it's much better.

You may want to include a good cover. One with the magnet that closes the device when the cover the is closed.

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